I love Creativity! And even more, I love stay at home/ work from home creative women who make unbelievable things! So in honor of these women, I am hosting a giveaway in August!!!!
I have a huge list of amazing women that want to join our giveaway but would love to have more. If you are, or know one of these creative ladies please send me there site or blog so that they can be part of this fun giveaway!
I'll be taking giveaway sponsors until August 1st. Please let us see your stuff and spotlight you too!!

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Summer Sale!

10% off all Nephi super hero capes from now until July 15th!!

Dress-up hair clippies!

New item!!!

My girls love these hair clippies so much I decided to let you all in on some too!!

Right now I have them in Tangerine, Ivory and Plum! You pick the color ribbon you want and I'll send it out to you, FREE SHIPPING!!

$4.50 a clippie or $7.50 a pair!!