Soda Stream Review!!

This is such a fun product!!
I got to review a Soda Stream and boy oh boy... is it the main attraction in my home right now!!
I'll admit I was a little nervous when I first opened the box, because it looked a little complicated. But after looking at all the pieces I realized it was SO EASY to put together and to operate.
Want a quick demonstration?This is the little carbonation tank, and the Soda Stream machine.First push the black release button which tilts the bottle so you can turn, and remove it . I rinsed mine out and set it aside. All you have to do to put in the carbonation tank is turn the machine around and open up the back with a push of a button.Screw the tank into place and replace back of machine. Easy! You never have to touch the tank again until it is empty! Now on to the soda!
Fill the bottle up to the "fill line" with cold water. (I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of the next few steps) Push the black tilt button again and screw the filled bottle back into the machine. Make sure it is on tight.
There is a grey little button on the very top of the machine and all you have to do is push it 3 times, making sure you hear a buzz after each push.
That's it!! So easy.
Now push the tilt button again, unscrew slowly and now it is time to add the flavor.Look at all these flavors! How do you even choose?? We picked the orange mango. You next, fill up the lid with the flavor. See how I am pouring it into the bottle? Don't do it like this!!! You have to make SURE that the bottle is tilted a little and pour SLOWLY!! I made the mistake of not tilting the bottle or going slowly. Big mess!Now put on the black cap, don't shake... but turn bottle upside down a few times real slowly to mix the flavor in and....WHALLA!
Amazing soda you got to make at home in 5 minutes. Did it pass the Hubby taste test?Why YES it did!!

This Soda Stream will now accompany me to my Bunko group and possibly Book Club. It is so fun to let my guests pick out their favorite flavor and have a nice cold drink for them in no time at all. I am a huge fan of the Soda Stream and so is my whole family.

Another Awesome Review Coming!

Ok, so you all know I got to do a review from CSN not to long ago and because I fell in love with their online stores...guess who they made a CSN Stores Preferred Blogger ... ME!! WHooohoo!
So I have another great review coming your way from CSN who has such great products like LED lighting, Bedding, and Kids shoes, and You really need to head on over to this store it is so fun to shop through!!


Thanks for playing ladies! The winner of the Picture Presenter is:
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Picture Presenter review and Giveaway!!

I have a GREAT new Giveaway for anyone who might fall under these categories:
Primary Chorister
School Teacher
Homeschool Teacher
Music Teacher

And honestly I can add Mother to that list because I got to test out one of these Picture Presenters:
I used it for a Family Home Evening at my house and I love it! The Picture Presenter is a turned-edge easel binder that holds 12" x 12" pages, 8 1/2" x 11" pictures or chart pages horizontally or vertically and is a wonderful teaching aid - enhancing your lessons and keeping you organized! Instead of holding all of the pictures I used in my lesson I got to stick them in the sheet protectors and flip them when I needed to. It stands up on its own so I could set it down on the table at my kiddo's eye level. I am the Primary President in my church and I knew I had to get this to my Music leader PRONTO to use at Singing Time. And I am excited to use it for my Sharing Time's and for the Sacrament Meeting Program at the end of the year. (p.s. it comes with an awesome book that helps you out with tips for the Program)
I think it is very versatile and I have a large number of teachers in my family (including my hubby) that could also benefit from the Picture Presenter.
And it comes with lots of extra items.
Today, I get to give one away to one of you to try out!!!
Here's how to enter:
First, (mandatory) head on over to
Picture Presenter's site and come back and let me know what you would use this for if you won.
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Giveaway Winner!!

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Cap Creations GIVEAWAY!!


Today I am so excited to introduce you to Cap Creations!

Cathy is the creative lady behind this great shop and she is incredibly talented. Cap Creations is proud of the fact that they have something for the entire family, such as:

-Personalized Jewelry
-Christian Inspired Jewelry
-Handmade Jewelry
-Custom Jewelry
-Hand Stamped Jewelry
I got to review a piece of her beautiful jewelry and I can't say enough good about it, it is my favorite piece of jewelry and it's fun because it has a personal message between my daughter and I. That's what is so fun about her shop, she can personalize anything. It is very well made and I get people asking me where I got it every time I wear it.
Today, Cap Creations is giving away a $40.00 gift certificate toward anything in her shop!!
Thanks so much Cathy!!
Here's how to enter:

First, (mandatory) head on over to Cap Creations and come back and let me know what you would choose if you won. Make sure you leave a way to contact you.
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2 things

This sweet boy is finally here!!!
There will be a fun new GIVEAWAY for all of YOU here on Thursday!! See you then!

CSN Stores Review!

I have a new favorite place to online shop!!
I had seen CSN Stores talked about all over the Internet and never thought much about it until I actually went to their site and took a look for myself.
I could not believe the variety of products they have. It's like they pulled all the stores that I could ever need anything from and put them all together in one spot. One stop shop!!
CSN let me review something from their site and I have to say it was hard to choose what I wanted. I ended up in the kids section and ordered my kiddo's one of these:

I love it!!

It was so easily ordered, did you know that you can even shop by amount. If you are on a budget you can just select the range you want to stay in.
It was sent to me very quickly and they kept me posted as to when everything would arrive.
I was very impressed with how simple it was to use this site and I appreciate how well made the product is. I will for sure use CSN Stores again!