Review~ Tadpoles- Sleep Sack

If you are looking for a great site that has perfect gifts for expecting mom's, new babies or if your doing some shopping for redoing your little ones bedroom.......then you have to check out Tadpoles Bedding Company.

They have all sorts of beautiful things.

I would love to have one of these play rugs in my toy room.

I was lucky, and got to do a test drive of their newest batch of products, the Tadpoles sleep sacks.

I think these are just a fantastic. They are warm snugly sleep sacks that snap on over your childs P.J's and cover them like a blanket. They are soooo soft and have so much room for little legs to move around in. I loved that it also unzips under the armpit and down around the legs so I could change diapers in the middle of the night without having to totally undress (and fully wake up) my son.
These are such a great alternative to loose blankets in the crib, helping to reduce the chance of SIDS. They are so great for the winter months and are roomy enough that I'll be able to put him in it until he is at least 10 months old.
You should really go check Tadpoles out and do some browsing. So many ideas and great products.

Review~ Wicked Big Bibs!

Doesn't the shop name alone just make you smile? I got to review a bib, not just any bib but a Wicked Big Bib!
Oh the awesomeness of these bibs.
I will never go back to those tiny thin bibs I used with all my other kiddo's. I have ruined many an outfit in the past because even though I used a bib while feeding my kids, their pants and their laps were never covered.
The Monster Mess Duo Bib drapes a child from neck to knee, and is designed to make buckling into a high chair or booster seat easy.
The larger than average width and length of the bib better protects your child's clothes while they are eating. Less frequent changes of clothes makes for less laundry and who wouldn't like that!

I always like to pick one favorite thing about the things I review and on these useful bibs it is the Velcro. Weird, I know, but the way these bibs are held closed is with a thick heavy duty Velcro that can't get pulled open by little hands....preventing more of a mess and food on my floor.

These bibs are very well made and wash up so nice. I toss them in the washer and don't have to reshape them back to their original shape like other bibs I have used.
Save money, save time...try a Wicked Big Bib!!


Our lucky winner for the Pocket Meal Planner is...........
( ps cool name)
Your gonna LOVE it. Promise!! Hey Jamie, email me would ya!
Ready go, you have 48 hours.

Review and Giveaway~ Pocket Full of Posies

I am so in LOVE with today's Review and Giveaway! Literally, I could be their spokes person.
Have you heard of Pocket Full of Posies yet??
Now I believe I have told you before, but I'll tell you yet again... I don't like to cook a whole lot. Anyone who knows me knows that and the reason why is that I hate it when 3 or 4 o'clock rolls around and I stand frustrated in front of my cupboards and fridge trying to scramble to put a decent meal together for my family.
UNTIL NOW. This monthly pocket system has done All of the work for me.
First, you start with a lovely packet like this one:

(there are many adorable styles to choose from)
It has sectioned off weekly pockets and it sticks right on your fridge.
Their are 2 ways to use it and I choose Option 1. It goes like this:
Option 1:
1. Create 4 recipe packs: (everything is included-40 recipes total)
-Choose 4 ingredient lists and the corresponding recipes.
2. Put 1 pack in each pocket.
3. Each week:
-Pull that week’s ingredient list
-Create a grocery shopping list
*Remember to buy everything from the ingredient list that you don’t already have, plus anything else you would need for the week. For example, I wouldn’t put spaghetti sauce on my list if I already have it on hand.
4. Do your grocery shopping.
*You will then have everything you need to make 5 meals for the week.
5. Each day:
-Choose a recipe and make it!
*There are 2 open days a week reserved for leftovers, eating out, etc.

Here is a video tutorial so you can see how it works first hand:

SO EASY!! I think my favorite part is that each week has an ingredient list of all the things you will need for all the meals that week and they all correspond. No crazy weird ingredient that you will only use once. You grab it and take it to the store with you, simple as that.
This Pocket Meal Planning system is designed to save time and money and keep your family consistently fed.
It is a miracle invention and I swear by it! Want to test one out? One lucky someone is getting the whole shebang!
Here's how to enter:
First, (mandatory) head on over to Pocket Full of Posies, look around then come back and leave me a comment letting me know which pocket is your favorite.
For extra entries:
(Follow The Dress-up Drawer, blog about this giveaway, tweet, or put my button on your blog)Make sure you do all of the extra entries in a separate comment.That's up to 4 different extra comments/4 extra ways to enter.
Good luck, winner will be chosen 5 days from now. And announced on Wednesday the 28th.

Winner and a HUGE favor needed!!!

First and foremost we have a winner of the Eclectic Whatnot Giveaway!! The LUCKY lady (and her mister) are......
Whooo Hhoooo! Congrats to you. Please contact me within 48 hours or I'll have to pick another winner.
Next.... I realize this is a shot in the dark and totally random..but I need the help of all you Utah peeps. My family and I are heading to a mini family reunion in St. George UT and I want to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL red rock scenery and get some pictures taken. Does anyone know that area well? Does anyone know of a great Photographer in the area? Or.... (and here is the long shot part) is anyone reading this a Photographer in that area that wants to hook us up and work out a sweet deal with me!?!?!?!
If you have any thoughts on this matter I would love to hear them. Shoot me an email at JloMamaJama @ aol (dot) com

Giveaway~Eclectic Whatnot

OH are you in for a great giveaway today!!
I am a HUGE fan of Eclectic Whatnot.

This shop has the cutest camera strap slipcovers. Just take a peek ladies....

I know right!!
Eclectic Whatnot features shabby, chic and just plain fun camera strap covers for your dSLR cameras.
These sturdy straps are made of an adorable combination of cotton prints and colorful knits.
And I am so excited because today someone gets to win a $25.00 store credit!!!
Here's how to enter:
First, (mandatory) head on over to Eclectic Whatnot, look around then come back and leave me a comment letting me know what else you love.
For extra entries:
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That's up to 4 different extra comments/4 extra ways to enter.
Good luck, winner will be chosen 5 days from now. And announced on Wednesday the 20th.

Review~ Envirosax

I'm sure you all have seen or even used the same old reusable grocery sack. Most are a plain boring solid color with maybe just the stores name on it. But have you ever heard of Envirosax?
This shop is so Awesome.

Envirosax offers affordable, stylish, and durable designer reusable bags. They carry the message of re-use to a world ready for a brighter ecological future.

Their are so many styles to choose from including ones with fun graphics, to an organic series, they even have an exclusive section.

Did I mention that they fold up! This is how small they get. I love that I can snap it and toss it into my purse. I was also very impressed at how large it is when it is opened and that the handles can go up on my shoulder and leave my hands free to wrangle my children. No other reusable bag I have ever used has allowed me to do that.

They have a super cute kids bag line that not only makes my kids want to go to the store just to use it, but it has also become a sleepover sack, a church bag and baby doll carrying purse!

Some of the awesome things about their bags are:

*Tested for strength & safety
*Super strong, holds 44lbs
*Fully washable - won't fade
*Super convenient & water-resistant
*Fashionable & fun - a great gift idea!
*Solution to one-use plastic bags

I love ours and hope to see these fun and fashionable Envirosax in every checkout line!

Review~Adorn with A and M

I have the BEST stocking stuffer item for you today!
I would like to introduce you to an adorable shop called Adorn with A and M (Amy and Marnie).
This shop is packed full of the cutest chalkboard mats I have EVER seen.
I was so excited to get mine in the mail because I already had 7 different places lined up for it to tag along with us.
These travel chalk board mats can go Anywhere! On a plane, at church, in a restaurant...anywhere! I love that when my kids use it I don't have to worry about marker or pen stains getting on their clothes.
These mats have a securely sewn in elastic band to hold chalk and can be drawn on time and time again, then just wiped clean with a dry or wet cloth.
They come in such cute patterns and styles of fabric such as Michael Miller, Disney, Olivia the Pig, Superhero's and neutral ones as well.
They are so well made and were a hit with my kids as well as their friends. The best part is they roll up small to fit in a purse and secure closed with another elastic band...which is perfect because most of my children can't tie yet.
Such a great Christmas or Birthday gift! The prices are SUPER!! Also, Adorn with A and M can fit up to three of these in one envelope, so they wouldn't charge any additional shipping for the purchase of up to three.
And right now, for my readers, they are offering a 10% discount on all the items in their shop that have a letter "a" in parentheses -(a)...which are most of them! Just let them know your a Dress-up Drawer follower.
Gotta love these ladies!!
Head on over to their shop, you won't be disappointed!!


The WINNER of the Joy Bag Collection's Glee Bag is..................................................
Thanks for playing Mary Ellen, I hope you enjoy your new Glee bag! Please contact me within 48 hours or I'll have to choose another winner.
Stay tuned, more awesomeness headed your way tomorrow!