Review~ Growing Tree Toys

With 4 kiddos and Christmas just around the corner I am on the look out for fun inexpensive gift ideas. Luckily me, Blogtricity hooked me up with the greatest site called Growing Tree Toys.

This site is gathering place for all the fun, creative, and age appropriate gifts for kids.

Seriously amazing selection.

Growing Tree Toys sent me the Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit to test out with my kids and we LOVED it. We made a whole night out of it.

This kit kept us busy the whole time. My kids enjoyed pouring the color drops into the mixing cups and getting to blow crazy colorful bubbles. And of course we had fun trying to create different pieces of artwork from these colorful bubbles. This kit also comes with 90 stickers and punch outs and multiple items that help create more than 16 bubble themed projects.

Super fun! The best part is that it is easy enough for my 4 year old and exciting enough for my 6 and 8 year old.

We all had fun and enjoyed the Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit , great gift idea!

Today's the day!!

Head on over to Leelou today if you want to win a Jo Totes camera bag of your choice!



Such a buzy month already for me!

So this is a little late. Todays winner of the Rose is a Rose giveaway is:

Yay! Please contact me ASAP to claim your prize.

And be on the lookout this weekend for a FANTASTIC review and giveaway I'll have going on over at Leelou Blogs on Saturday!

Review and Giveaway~ Rose is a Rose Designs

Shopping for girls is so easy, there are racks and racks full of cute girls clothes but when it comes to the boys...let's just face it, not so much!

I think the little men in our lives deserve to get all handsome too and today's shop has the cutest accessories for any special occasion, photo shoot or just for everyday wear.

Rose is a Rose Designs has the perfect selection of ties, bow ties, and the coolest suspenders!

I am in love with their choice of fabrics.

Bold colors, fun patterns and she can custom order for you.

Have a wedding coming up and need your ring bearer, Father of the Bride and your best man to coordinate?

Or, are you searching for the perfect outfits for your Christmas card pictures?

Done and Done!

Oh, and they didn't leave out those sweet girls. There is a whole section for them as well.

Rose is a Rose Designs sent me some of their suspenders for my little guy. ADORABLE! I love them and they really do complete his church outfits. High quality and sturdy.

Today, I get to give out a $20 store credit to Rose is a Rose!

Just in time for the Holidays.

~To enter just head to Rose is a Rose Designs and comment back to me letting me know how you wish to spend your $20.00!

For 2 extra ways to enter:

~Follow the Dress-up Drawer and let me know you do in a comment. (one entry)

~Let me know your favorite Holiday treat. (one entry)

That's 3 separate ways to enter! Good luck. Winner will be announced Tuesday the 8th!


The winner of our Afamia Giveaway is:


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Review and Giveaway~ Afamia

Ok, listen up ladies!!

This one is for you shop-aholics out there. Specifically all you who have an addiction for amazing purses and clutches.

You know who you are....I'm one too.

Introducing Afamia.

Afamia is SUCH an amazing shop based in Syria. Mohamad's passion is creating beautiful accessories like his clutches made of luxurious Syrian Silk.


Afamia sent me this Leather Purse in the most amazing Cobalt blue color. This purse is perfect. The leather is so soft, like glove leather.

I love the size because I like being able to switch out my huge diaper bag and grab a purse that fits all of my essentials.

Besides the great color, my favorite part is the gathered detail and the super cute leather flower.

This bag is available in 13 different colors. And even though it is coming from far away, it came to me so fast and I was very impressed with how everything was handled. I love dealing with nice people who love to make their customer happy.


Afamia wants to make one of you happy as well, so one of you will win a 50% discount on any item from his shop. Yay!

To enter;

Go on over to Afamia and look around. Come back and let me know what you would spend your 50% discount on. (one entry)

For extra entry's you can:

*Follow The Dress-Up Drawer and let me know in a comment (one entry)

*Let me know what your biggest spending habit, jewelry? (2 entries)

That's up to 4 different ways to enter! Winner will be announced on Wednesday Nov. 2nd. Good Luck.

New winner

I have a New winner from last weeks giveaway! I never heard from Hallie so I re picked and my new winner is:


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I have my 2 winners for the Green Stitch Giveaway.

And you are:




Contact me within 48 hours and I'll hook you up. Thanks for playing!

Review and Giveaway~ A Green Stitch


18 more days till Halloween!

Have you been watching Hocus Pocus every stinkin' day like me?

My kids are so excited and costumes are in the works. Sadly, my kids elementary will not let them wear their Halloween costumes to school so every year I look for cute themed clothes they can wear instead.

I stumbled upon a shop called A Green Stitch and found a jackpot of personalized Holiday and fun themed clothing. The best part... she is a stay at home mom who has a fantastic talent making one of a kind, personalized items for you and your family. I love supporting mommies.

Amazing quality! I was sent this adorable shirt for my daughter and it is fantastic. Every time she has worn it out I have an inner struggle with myself deciding if I dare answer YES to everyone's- "Oh my gosh, did you make that?" comments.

I say NO, I really do.

A Green Stitch is full of so many cute Holiday things, but that isn't all. You have to go take a look.

Here are some of my fav's.

For the boy's out there (p.s. I so would love to see my dad in this shirt with his name, hehe)

The girls:

And for summertime:

This store is perfect for so many occasions. Birthday's, family pictures, milestones, ect.

Today I have in my hot little hand TWO 50% off coupons! Her prices are already fabulous but to add 50% off to your order... wow!


I'm making it easy again.

To enter just visit A Green Stitch and comment back on what you love in her shop.

Then if you want, you can let me know if you follow The Dress-up Drawer (separate comment)

and what your favorite Halloween movie is (separate comment).

That's 3 separate ways to enter. Good luck, winner will be announced on Wednesday the 19th.


We have a winner!!

Congrats to...


Please contact me within 48 hours Rebekah to claim your prize!

Review and Giveaway~ Splasheroo


It's finally Fall, yay!

Halloween is just weeks away are you ready? Pumpkins ready to out on the porch?

I have been so excited for this season and ya wanna see what pushed me over the edge into full on Halloween mode...

A sweet little shop called Splasheroo sent me this outfit for my daughter: Can you even stand it!!?

As soon as I pulled it out of the packaging I was playing dress up with my daughter Macie.

She might be wearing this every day for the next 3 weeks.

Splasheroo not only makes their clothing with top notch quality but every thing in their shop is adorable and trendy.

I am in love with these ruffle leggings and think that I'm gonna have to get a handful more. They are stretchy and comfy and just flat out cute.

My daughters favorite part is the skirt and how it is "twirly". The tulle gives it that extra poof and it's nice thick elastic band will grow with her and allow her to wear it for a long time.

I am just so impressed with the stitching and detail. This outfit is the cutest thing and there are so many other adorable items in this shop you have to see.



Today Splasheroo wants to give a lucky someone a $25.00 credit to their shop!


Here's how to enter:

For one entry, head on over to Splasheroo and take a look around. Come back and in a comment let me know what you would get if you won.

Want more entries? Just leave me comments letting me know:

-If you follow The Dress-up Drawer (one entree)

- What your kids are gonna be for Halloween this year (one entree)

That's a total of 3 ways to enter! I know your know someone who needs some ruffle leggings.

See you back here on Wednesday the 5th with the winner.


Review~ Jo Totes

I'd like to give Jo Totes a big, fat, digital kiss! Yep, right on their face.

If you don't know about Jo Totes then please sit back and take a look at these

A-maz-ing camera bags:


Ummm....yes please. One in every color.

I first heard about Jo Totes 2 years ago when I was looking all over for a nice padded camera bag for my Cannon that wasn't embarrassing to wear.

At first I looked everywhere in my town for one and found a whole lota nothin'. When I turned to looking online Jo Totes was the absolute front runner.

I love how cute these bags are. I knew I would be proud to pack my camera into one of these adorable bags and wear it everywhere I went.

And because Jo Totes wants to digitally kiss me right back they sent me their Brand New Betsy tote in my fav. color...mustard!

I have to say that I am just a Mom-tog. I am no where near a professional. But that's the best part about this bag, you don't have to be. I can be the crazy picture taking mom at the zoo, keeping my camera, lenses and all my extras safe and packed up tight and no one would be the wiser.

This Betsy bag has so much room and comes with multiple straps for different ways to wear it. The Velcro dividers are easily switched out to fit any camera or bulky accessory as well as large pockets for my keys and smaller items.

If your like me and love great bags, even ones for your camera, you have to check out Jo Totes.

Oh, and if you want to win one I will be giving one away in a few weeks over on Leelou. You do not want to miss it.


We have a winner! Congrats to:

Meggy from Chasing Davies

You won our Simply Livly Giveaway. Please contact me within 48 hours or I will have to choose another winner. Hang tight, another awesome giveaway coming up!

Review and Giveaway~ Simply Livly


Hello all you lovely's!!

Summer is winding down and kids are back in school which has given me some extra time to myself. Because of this I finally allowed myself to become a total Pinterest junkie!!

I am drooling over all the fashion and great outfit ensembles....which I have noticed usually all include a bold necklace as a statement piece.

I thought to myself, I need more statement!

More WOW and pieces that POP!

I have a shop for ya that does ALL of this. Simply Livly is the cutest shop who's jewelry collection includes a mix of modern and classic pieces, all versatile enough to wear with just about anything.

And my favorite part is that they are SO comfortable and easy to wear! The necklaces are made of 100% organic cotton jersey knit and they have such amazing beads of all sizes and colors.

The necklace that Simply Livly sent to me is one of my favorite necklaces I own now! It's this red wooden bib necklace below.

It looks so awesome with jeans and a T-shirt, and then I throw it on with a silk shirt and a blazer for a night out. I really do love it. I love the color scheme with the red and grey and I love how light it is when it's on. I never have to re-adjust like I would with a chain and a clasp.

Simply Livly has offered up their best seller today for one lucky reader. Yep, I am wishing I could enter myself right about now...cause it is this one:

The Turquoise and Cream Bib necklace. Love this color!!

Here's how to enter:

For one entree-Head on over to Simply Livly and take a look around. Then leave me a comment letting me know what else you saw that you loved.

Want more entries? Just leave me a comment letting me know:

-You followed Simply Livly on Facebook (one entree)

-If you follow The Dress-up Drawer (one entree)

- If you are ready for fall fashion (one more entree)
- Who this necklace is for if you win (for one last entree)

That's a total of 5 ways to enter. Get to it! See you back here on Wednesday the 21st with the winner.


slow poke

I have 3 of my little chickens going into school this year! WOW. I am an old mama. So for the last 3 weeks we have been hitting the last days of summer as a family together and doing all the back to school traditions we have around here.
Sorry for the slow posting. After next week I will have so much more time on my hands and lots of fun reviews and giveaways to share with all you sweet and loyal followers.

Please feel free to let me know what kind of things you would like to see on the review and giveaway list and I try to work my magic in getting those for you. Oh and if you have (or know someone who does) a shop or a site and you want your product spotlighted here or on Leelou just shoot me an email and we can chit chat.

I will leave you with some of my favorite things that I got for myself when I was suppose to be shopping for my kiddos....shhhhh!

Ummmmm..... my new favorite skirt. Ever.

3 amazing scarves, this is one of them:

Also, a few shirts, pairs of tights and THESE beauties:

I sure do love back to school shopping!


Winners for the Luna Cielo double giveaway are:

Winner # 1: (winner of the $25.00 gift cert)


Winner #2: (winner of an awesome hemp and crystal necklace)

The Clayburn Family

Congrats to you both and please claim your prize within 48 hours or I'll have to choose another winner.

Review and Giveaway~ Luna Cielo TWO WINNERS!


Being out of town for a week has put me out of the loop. But I'm back and kicking this weeks giveaway off with a bang. How about a DOUBLE winner giveaway?

Yes, I thought so.

Let's start by oogling over the following necklaces:

Have you ever watched Cougar Town and wanted to rip this necklace off of Courtney Cox? Me too she wears it in almost every episode.

How about this sweet Paris necklace of Sara Jessica Parker in Sex in the City?

Ya feelin' me girls. The list goes on and on.

Well Erin over at Luna Cielo hand crafts and recreates these gorgeous pieces of jewelry that we all covet and offers them to us at a fraction of the cost. I LOVE getting to know shop owners who have so much enthusiasm for their work and put every ounce of detail into making a customer happy. Erin is that girl!! She is amazing and will work with you on any color pattern or customised item you could ever want.

She sent me two of my favorite pieces of jewelry to try out. One is her sterling silver Turtle necklace that I love so much that I wore it all last week with every outfit. It is charming and hangs at such a great length. And because Erin is all about detail it even came with a cute card about turtle symbolism.

She also sent me (before it was even out to the public yet) her very own creation out of her VERBENA Collection. She is from California and wanted to offer a little Calli style to everyone out there with her beautiful Hemp/Crystal necklaces. The picture can not even come close to showing you how sparkly these are and I love that they are made with a natural fiber but are so very durable and versatile. I can wear it to the beach or pool and get into the water and then slip on a dress with it and go out to dinner with girlfriends. (p.s. right now she is running a deal on 2 Hemp/Crystal necklaces for $45.oo--message her for details)

They would be great to layer and come in so many color choices you could have one to match every outfit.

Did you know that All of The Dress-up Drawer readers get to receive %10 on all purchases on anything in the entire store by using the code THEDRESSUPDRAWER just so you know!

Today I get to give out not one but TWO prizes today and I will pick TWO winners!!

Get ready here's what your up for....

1- How about a $25.oo gift cert. to Luna Cielo to do some much needed shopping.

2- Also, someone gets to be one of the first to own one of the Hemp/Crystal necklaces from the VERBENA Collection.


Here we go;

To enter to win just head on over to Luna Cielo and take a look around. Then come back and in a comment tell me what you just LOVE in her shop.

Want an extra entree? How about 3.

Friend request Luna Cielo on Facebook and let me know you did in 3 separate comments.

(Shipping is always free for Luna Cielo Facebook friends :)

Good luck. Winners will be choosen August 24th.


The winner of the $25.oo gift cert. is lucky lady.....


Congrats!! Please contact me within 48 hours or I'll have to choose another winner.

Review and Giveaway~ Little Dreamers Inc.


I've been doing a ton of fun reviews lately, and today I'm back with a great GIVEAWAY!

First, can I show you this:

I totally made it! Wanna know how?

Thanks to a little shop called Little Dreamers Inc. it all came to me in a easy kit and only took me a few hours.

They took all the hard work out. In fact I turned this project into a girls craft night and it was so fun to see it transform into such a beautiful decoration.

It is so perfect for my girls room.

This beautiful butterfly mobile kit includes easy and detailed instructions and everything that you need to make your own mobile.

I think this would be such a great prop for all you photographers out there as well as a great gift for a birthday or baby shower.

And I just couldn't leave without showing you a few of Little Dreamers Inc.'s famous tutu's and tutu dresses!!


OH this is such a great shop.

Ready for the Giveaway?

How about a credit to this store for $25.00 so you can choose your own DIY Mobile Kit!

Makin' life simple folks...just head over to Little Dreamers Inc. and take a look around. Then come back and let me know in a comment what else you saw that you loved.

Want another 3 entries? You can do this by "Liking" their facebook page

Then come back and tell me you did. In 3 separate comments.

Good luck. Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday the 10th.

Shelf Reliance GIVEAWAY!!


Remember my friend Shelbi from Shelf Reliance?


She has a HUGE giveaway today over at Leelou starting today!

A customized package worth $100.00 in products!!

Amazing deal, head over HERE to enter.