Shelf Reliance GIVEAWAY!!


Remember my friend Shelbi from Shelf Reliance?


She has a HUGE giveaway today over at Leelou starting today!

A customized package worth $100.00 in products!!

Amazing deal, head over HERE to enter.

Review~ Underwrapz

I love Summer!

I love the sun and getting out in it. But with the beautiful sun comes the heat. I get super cranky when I am hot, (I dare say I take after my mother :)

Even easy things like getting ready in the morning make me crazy because in the past I have always thrown on my robe- it's a thick fuzzy robe- to get things done, put on make up, get kids ready and blow dry my hair.

I was so excited when a great shop called Underwrapz sent me a Kimono style robe to try out because it is Exactly what I needed. It's %100 cotton and has 3/4 length sleeves, you should see all the different prints you can pick from.

-brace yourself for my white legs....

It is so lightweight that I will admit I am tempted not to even get dressed in the morning.

Underwrapz is a company started by 2 friends in San Francisco who wanted to make robes for women that weren't slinky lacey robes that you get from your hubby and that are light weight so you can slip them on when your teenage son arrives unannounced with his buddies at 10pm.

They would be perfect for a wedding party gift for all your girlfriends, or for as a birthday gift for someone who needs a little relaxing.

I was also very impressed with the quality and details of this robe. I love getting things that I use everyday and even after I wash them a ton they still look brand spankin new.

Cute, comfortable and in my case rarely ever comes off when I am at home!

(wearing it even as I type) :)

Review~ Shelf Reliance

Listen up, cause I have such a great company for you all today!!!

I have wanted to test out Shelf Reliance products for Forever!! And when my friend Shelbi told me she wanted to send me a package full of goodies I about jumped for joy!

If you haven't heard about Shelf Reliance yet it is a company that specializes in freeze-dried food,all kinds of food rotation,
and emergency preparedness products that will give you peace of mind for whatever the future holds. All in all helping you become more self reliant.

I was sent so many fun items to test out including, *Instant milk- which I loved and switched out for our regular milk and my kids didn't even know- *Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables- another HUGE hit in our house and a great snack item as well-

*2 Delicious Deserts- that were so easy to make I just had to add water and they tasted gourmet- *Whole Egg Powder- this stuff is so amazing and I put it in so many things. Such a money saver!

And last but totally my Favorite is the *Premium Freeze Dried Cooked White Meat Chicken- I could have been sold on this item alone! I hate, Hate touching raw chicken and it's whole process of de-thawing and tasting freezer burnt.

With this chicken I skipped all of those nasty steps and went straight to the quick healthy chicken dinner. I LOVE it!

Shelf Reliance has category after category, list after list of all the wholesome food choices. You choose from grains,veggies & fruits, dairy, meat & beans, basics and entrees.

I'm a big believer in food storage and an even bigger believer in storing food that my family actually eats and likes to eat.

You have to check out The Q also. Such a great service for people like me that live in little towns.

It is so true, Shelf Reliance- Not your mothers food storage.

Head on over to Shelbi's website and check out some great tips, or her Shelf Reliance site for some shopping!

Dear Dress-up Drawer faithful followers,

I've been away at a Girls Camp and having just to much fun.
Don't you worry, I have some great reviews and giveaways coming up starting tomorrow!
And to end this month with a BANG, how bout we make any and all orders on CAPES %15 off. Good till end of July.

Your the bestest,


Hello everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July! Mine was perfect, even though I am typing this with intense pain caused from a sunburn that covers 3/4 of my body and may just be the death of me.



I'm hoping that HELEN had a great weekend, and that winning our Julie Ann Art giveaway might make her feel even better!

Congrats to you Helen. Please contact me within 48 hours or I'll have to choose another winner.