Soda Stream Review!!

This is such a fun product!!
I got to review a Soda Stream and boy oh boy... is it the main attraction in my home right now!!
I'll admit I was a little nervous when I first opened the box, because it looked a little complicated. But after looking at all the pieces I realized it was SO EASY to put together and to operate.
Want a quick demonstration?This is the little carbonation tank, and the Soda Stream machine.First push the black release button which tilts the bottle so you can turn, and remove it . I rinsed mine out and set it aside. All you have to do to put in the carbonation tank is turn the machine around and open up the back with a push of a button.Screw the tank into place and replace back of machine. Easy! You never have to touch the tank again until it is empty! Now on to the soda!
Fill the bottle up to the "fill line" with cold water. (I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of the next few steps) Push the black tilt button again and screw the filled bottle back into the machine. Make sure it is on tight.
There is a grey little button on the very top of the machine and all you have to do is push it 3 times, making sure you hear a buzz after each push.
That's it!! So easy.
Now push the tilt button again, unscrew slowly and now it is time to add the flavor.Look at all these flavors! How do you even choose?? We picked the orange mango. You next, fill up the lid with the flavor. See how I am pouring it into the bottle? Don't do it like this!!! You have to make SURE that the bottle is tilted a little and pour SLOWLY!! I made the mistake of not tilting the bottle or going slowly. Big mess!Now put on the black cap, don't shake... but turn bottle upside down a few times real slowly to mix the flavor in and....WHALLA!
Amazing soda you got to make at home in 5 minutes. Did it pass the Hubby taste test?Why YES it did!!

This Soda Stream will now accompany me to my Bunko group and possibly Book Club. It is so fun to let my guests pick out their favorite flavor and have a nice cold drink for them in no time at all. I am a huge fan of the Soda Stream and so is my whole family.


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