Return to the Family Project with Liz Lemon Swindle

Have you heard about this???
I love when new ideas are thought up to help bring families closer. I just wanted to let you in on a project my sister and some other amazing bloggers have come up with!
It is a project that they have been working on with renowned Christian artist Liz Lemon Swindle which is entitled
Return to the Family.
It is fabulous! It promotes not only having a picture of Christ in every home, but a Return to Family and Family Dinners.
"Return To The Family" 2011 Signed Limited Collector's Edition

The Return to Family project is 12 Limited Collectors Edition Paintings with a custom sayings on each print designed to teach and inspire your family and provide opportunities for you to teach lasting values and principals of integrity. Every Month you will have the opportunity to receive a new matted image that will create new interests, new ideas and fresh conversation around the dinner table. Each painting comes with a brief history behind the artwork along with several topics of discussion that correlate with the print.With the Return to the Family project you get:
• 12 Limited Edition SIGNED Paintings (one new image every month)
• One custom frame (you have the option to order a new frame for each print or slip in your new print each month into your existing frame)
• History behind each painting
• "Dinner Table" discussion with hidden symbolism and various values and principals of integrity you can discuss with your family around the dinner table.

All that for less then $17 a month! Such a great Christmas present. You can purchase all 12 months up front or they also have the option where you can purchase the pictures monthly.
The idea of the Return to the Family project is to simply hang this art work next to your dinner table and then let the conversations begin. When children ASK questions, it means that they are ready to LISTEN to the answers. As parents we have a tendency to lecture our children when we want them to learn a specific lesson, value or principal. Hanging uplifting Art in your home makes it so that the children can study it out in their mind and then ASK making it possible for the spirit to then TEACH. Uplifting Art in your home can teach, testify and change hearts.
I love the idea of changing out these pictures every month. I feel like it will not only inspire my children, but me as well. That is what they want to help you do with your family, and the Return to the Family is a start to making that happen.
They have hand selected some of Liz's amazing art for you to receive each month and invite you to join us in the Return to the Family by hanging uplifting Art on the walls of your home.


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