Review~ Wilson Graphics

A major upgrade has entered my playroom recently thanks to Wilson Graphics. Whaaaat? Never heard of their fabulous shop?? Let me fill you in....
Wilson Graphics is a vinyl wall decor studio where they design and create a variety of vinyl wall decals used for home decor products.
The decals are printed on commercial grade vinyl which will work indoors or outdoors.
You receive a quality product that is unique not mass produced overseas.

My kiddo's have been glued to our super cool new vinyl chalkboard....yes... it is the entire length of our wall. HUGE! We L.O.V.E it.

Easy to put up (I did it myself the first time I was so excited...but after it was up I realized due to the size of it I needed my hubby's help if I wanted it as smooth as it is intended to be)
It goes on nice and comes off nice and the same is said for the chalk. Such a fun new addition to our playtime. I can get so much more of my house cleaned without my kids at my feet because of this new creative outlet.

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