my summer project


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Has anyone seen this video:


Well I was totally inspired and I put it up on my family blog. Since then, I have had a few women who have contacted me and said that they have old prom/formal dresses of their girls that are all grown and don't use them anymore.

It got me thinking that I myself have several prom/formal dresses have been hanging in my old bedroom closet at my parents house for 10 years.

Now that I am in Young Womens program for our church, I was really touched by the idea this young girl had and I know how hard it is for our Young Women to find and or afford a nice dress, let alone a modest one.

So I have decided to go for it!! I'm echoing this fabulous girl and I am going to see if I can provide the youth in my tiny town a place to go to browse through cute, non skanky formal dresses.

If any of you out there have any dresses (be they modest or not, any and all sizes) and you would like to help these girls out by donating, PLEASE contact me and spread the word for me. I would love to have an entire closet full by the end of summer and even to be able to gather a dress for each and every girl who this would be able to benefit. Now and for years to follow. :)


suzanne said...

Totally behind your 'de-skank-afication' of prom dresses! I'll be trying to find ours and let you know what I find. I can sew as well so when you need to make some of them a bit more modest, I'm in! Thank you for caring enough about these YW that you are doing this for them. Totally awesome!

Molly said...

woowoo! Your awesome! I will keep my eyes open for dresses for you!