Review~ Growing Tree Toys

With 4 kiddos and Christmas just around the corner I am on the look out for fun inexpensive gift ideas. Luckily me, Blogtricity hooked me up with the greatest site called Growing Tree Toys.

This site is gathering place for all the fun, creative, and age appropriate gifts for kids.

Seriously amazing selection.

Growing Tree Toys sent me the Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit to test out with my kids and we LOVED it. We made a whole night out of it.

This kit kept us busy the whole time. My kids enjoyed pouring the color drops into the mixing cups and getting to blow crazy colorful bubbles. And of course we had fun trying to create different pieces of artwork from these colorful bubbles. This kit also comes with 90 stickers and punch outs and multiple items that help create more than 16 bubble themed projects.

Super fun! The best part is that it is easy enough for my 4 year old and exciting enough for my 6 and 8 year old.

We all had fun and enjoyed the Kid Concoctions Magic Bubble Art Kit , great gift idea!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, my kids would have so much fun doing this!

Kitchen Planner said...

Pouring the mixture into the cup my kids and crazy colored paint drops are fun to blow bubbles. And of course we try to make different pieces of artwork with colored bubbles and had fun.

888 ladies said...

How colorful! This is going to be exciting! I'm sure kids will absolutely love this one. I'm thinking of using different colors of straws, too.