I was so excited to do this review from BABYWOOD!
I have fond memories of sitting down and watching Tommy Boy or Billy Madison on a Saturday night sporting my "Rachel" (from Friends) haircut and eating about a bag and a half of Funyuns.
My sisters and I still quote tonz of the lines from all of our favorite movies. So when I was given the chance to review a few of these hilarious onsies from BABYWOOD I had the hardest time picking out which ones I wanted.
They are so funny!
BABYWOOD features baby and kids clothing with your favorite Movie and T.V. quotes. Movies from Star Wars, Anchorman and Zoolander to T.V. shows like 24, Lost and my personal FAV The Office.

I was worried that after I washed mine it would be cracked or peal off but I have washed mine several times (newborn...remember) and they look as new as the day I got them in the mail. Excellent quality here people!
Ian, from this company, was so awesome to work with and I got the onsies so fast.
The coolest part is that if you don't see your favorite quote you just let them know because they are open to requests. So start thinking of your favorite quote and head on over.
Tell em' I sent ya!


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