Review~ A Joyfull Life

Don't you just love it when you come across a shop that IS what it says it is....DOES what it says it does. Today's review is from just such a shop.

A Joyfull Life is run by a mom, that makes creative things that make the lives of kids (and mommies) a little happier and full of Joy.
In our home- while still somewhat structured- our summers are full of travel,play and lazy days. I am a whole lot more relaxed about what we do all day when it is so darn hot outside.
But now that school is starting back up and we are all getting back into a routine these T.V. Time Charts have helped us get back on schedule and get focused.
I truly LOVE this idea. Now the kids know they are accountable for coming to me when they want to watch a show after homework or a movie before bed.
This chart has an allotted amount of time available to watch T.V.
A time circle gets brought to my husband or I and we choose if T.V. time is ok or not. Once the circles are used is the T.V. time.
A Joyfull Life offers so many other great things like chore charts, cards, tags and these Love in her Lunchbox Notes that I have to have for my kids lunchboxes.
I was also sent a Weekly Meal Planning Chart and, no lie, I have made dinner EVERY night since I put it on my fridge. My hubby hearts you Meal Planner!
Such a fun shop, thanks A Joyfull Life.


ajoyfullife said...

Thanks so much for this review! I am so glad Ellie is loving her TV Time Chart and your husband now gets dinner EVERY night! haha That made me laugh. Seriously though, it makes your life a whole lot easier when you plan ahead. Meals planned for the week, means less stress for you trying to think of what to make each day. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the lunch box messages along with some other great stuff from this shop, love them, such a great and thoughtful idea!!

Claudia said...

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newmummy said...

Great shop! There are some unique and adorable cards. The meal planner is such a simple but genius idea. I love it!

Amy S said...

I love all of Carrie's stuff! She has some gift certificates listed that I HIGHLY recommend!! She made them for my business and they are amazing! Everyone I show them to loves them!! Thank you for showcasing her business!

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