Review~ Wicked Big Bibs!

Doesn't the shop name alone just make you smile? I got to review a bib, not just any bib but a Wicked Big Bib!
Oh the awesomeness of these bibs.
I will never go back to those tiny thin bibs I used with all my other kiddo's. I have ruined many an outfit in the past because even though I used a bib while feeding my kids, their pants and their laps were never covered.
The Monster Mess Duo Bib drapes a child from neck to knee, and is designed to make buckling into a high chair or booster seat easy.
The larger than average width and length of the bib better protects your child's clothes while they are eating. Less frequent changes of clothes makes for less laundry and who wouldn't like that!

I always like to pick one favorite thing about the things I review and on these useful bibs it is the Velcro. Weird, I know, but the way these bibs are held closed is with a thick heavy duty Velcro that can't get pulled open by little hands....preventing more of a mess and food on my floor.

These bibs are very well made and wash up so nice. I toss them in the washer and don't have to reshape them back to their original shape like other bibs I have used.
Save money, save time...try a Wicked Big Bib!!


Weatherbee ;) said...

How funny! Gotta say...they look pretty big! But I'm intrigues, and very interested to try one...because frankly we plan for a change of clothes after pretty much every meal with 'the little man'!

Love the fabrics too!

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