Review~ Envirosax

I'm sure you all have seen or even used the same old reusable grocery sack. Most are a plain boring solid color with maybe just the stores name on it. But have you ever heard of Envirosax?
This shop is so Awesome.

Envirosax offers affordable, stylish, and durable designer reusable bags. They carry the message of re-use to a world ready for a brighter ecological future.

Their are so many styles to choose from including ones with fun graphics, to an organic series, they even have an exclusive section.

Did I mention that they fold up! This is how small they get. I love that I can snap it and toss it into my purse. I was also very impressed at how large it is when it is opened and that the handles can go up on my shoulder and leave my hands free to wrangle my children. No other reusable bag I have ever used has allowed me to do that.

They have a super cute kids bag line that not only makes my kids want to go to the store just to use it, but it has also become a sleepover sack, a church bag and baby doll carrying purse!

Some of the awesome things about their bags are:

*Tested for strength & safety
*Super strong, holds 44lbs
*Fully washable - won't fade
*Super convenient & water-resistant
*Fashionable & fun - a great gift idea!
*Solution to one-use plastic bags

I love ours and hope to see these fun and fashionable Envirosax in every checkout line!


cara said...

love them and affordable! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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