Review~ Tadpoles- Sleep Sack

If you are looking for a great site that has perfect gifts for expecting mom's, new babies or if your doing some shopping for redoing your little ones bedroom.......then you have to check out Tadpoles Bedding Company.

They have all sorts of beautiful things.

I would love to have one of these play rugs in my toy room.

I was lucky, and got to do a test drive of their newest batch of products, the Tadpoles sleep sacks.

I think these are just a fantastic. They are warm snugly sleep sacks that snap on over your childs P.J's and cover them like a blanket. They are soooo soft and have so much room for little legs to move around in. I loved that it also unzips under the armpit and down around the legs so I could change diapers in the middle of the night without having to totally undress (and fully wake up) my son.
These are such a great alternative to loose blankets in the crib, helping to reduce the chance of SIDS. They are so great for the winter months and are roomy enough that I'll be able to put him in it until he is at least 10 months old.
You should really go check Tadpoles out and do some browsing. So many ideas and great products.